Publishing as Artistic Practice, edited by Annette Gilbert

In capitalism, institutionalized libraries, publishers and book traders all have ways to suppress the publishing of, the access to or the distribution of texts and books — rigidities inviting for creative subversion. Download chapter


Please join us on Friday 17 July for the opening of Resource — a group exhibition inspired by the 1927 founding manifesto of the Bluecoat to promote not only the arts, but also the diffusion of useful knowledge. We have shipped The Piracy Collection to Liverpool to set up a temporary Reading Room for the duration of the exhibition alongside works by Clay Arlington, Jack Brindley, Ben Cain, Maurice Carlin, Daniel Eatock, Sean Edwards, Anne Harild with Blue Room, Jonzo, Laurence Payot, The Serving Library and Ian Whittlesea.

The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX

Exhibiting, The Piracy Project

This study day  is a collaboration between Afterall, Chelsea Space and AND Publishing. We explore the possibilities and limitations of existing structures for exhibiting, publishing and dissemination within the institution as well as the acquisition politics of special collections, libraries and public archives.

Please join us for a day of conversations with:

Sarah Kember (Professor of New Technologies of Communication at Goldsmiths, University of London) on her plans to set up an alternative Academic Publishing Press introducing female citation policies.

Karen Fletcher (Fine Art Librarian at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London) on acquisition a nd cataloguing politics at the University and the question how get the books on the library shelves?

Sophie Hope (Manual Labours, lecturer in Arts Management Film, Media & Cultural Studies, Birkbeck) about her independent practice which looks at the politics of socially engaged art.

If you’d like to join please send an email to

Why Publish? initiated by Eva Weinmayr, Luisa Minkin and Alex Schady is a joint research project between AND Publishing and Central Saint Martins MA Fine Art students to collectively explore the pedagogical, creative and critical spaces of publishing. More…

The University Gallery set up by Joyce Cronin and Karen Di Franco is a joint research between Afterall and Chelsea Space exploring the context of the university gallery, models of practice for exhibiting and the role of publishing within the university. More…

Both research projects are funded by Curriculum Development Funding, Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE), University of the Arts, London.


WE (Not I) is a series of collaborative working meetings, presentations, and events of over 40 female artists, writers, curators and thinkers that will produce and distribute content addressing questions around the role of “We” in contemporary art practice. more…


Please join us at The Classroom, MoMA PS1.We invited Lauren Haaften-Schick and Sergio Munoz Sarmiento to discuss their  recent essay about the new verdict in the  Cariou vd Richard Prince case, which looks at class, labour, and what happens when appropriation becomes a tool of power. Read the essay.

The classroom is curated by David Senior and it’s free.

Sunday 28. 09. 2014
MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY

Presenting, The Piracy Project

essay  published in The Visual Event, an education in appearances, edited by Oliver Klimpel, published by Spector Books, Leipzig, 2014


Please come to our panel discussion with Cornelia Sollfranck about our practices and the legal frameworks we engage with when dealing with each other works.  Cornelia who chaired the panel also recorded an interview for her research Giving what you don’t have in the afternoon.

7 Dec  2013  11am–12.30pm
Library of Birmingham
Centenary Square, Broad Street
Birmingham, B1 2ND


Presenting, The Piracy Project

Come along to the Feminist Writing Conference at Goldsmiths next week. Andrea and I will be speaking.  It’s organised by Sarah Kember and Sara Ahmed.  Have a look at the amazing programme.

LG01, New Academic Building, Goldsmiths College London


I’ll be running the morning session of the Publishing as Performance symposium organised by PhD Art Leiden University. Simon Morris (Information as Material) will be talking in the afternoon. It’s organised by Delphine Bedel and k.g. Guttman. Please come along, if you are nearby. Here is the full programme.