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This syllabus published as part of  the exhibition Reading the Library, Sitterwerk in St. Gallen, instigates discovery and learning within an educational context and aims to reveal the socially and historically produced orders and hierarchies that underlie library catalogues. This learning and teaching material includes conversations with practitioners and collectives currently working on alternative models proposing de-colonial and feminist methodologies for changing normative concepts of validating, preserving, and making available diverse knowledges.

With contributions by Amanda Belantara and Emily Drabinski (US), Annette Krauss, Anja Groten, Sven Engels, Aggeliki Diakrousigeliki (Feminist Search Tools, NL), Martino Morandi, Anita Burato (Infrastructural Manoeuvres, NL, BE), Élodie Mugrefya and Femke Snelting (Constant, BE), Lucie Kolb, Johannes Bruder, Karolina Sobecka (The Rewrite, CH), Nora Schmidt (AT), Eva Weinmayr (Library of Inclusions and Omissions, SE, UK), Bibliothek Wyborada (CH)






Publishing as Artistic Practice, edited by Annette Gilbert

In capitalism, institutionalized libraries, publishers and book traders all have ways to suppress the publishing of, the access to or the distribution of texts and books — rigidities inviting for creative subversion. Download chapter


essay  published in The Visual Event, an education in appearances, edited by Oliver Klimpel, published by Spector Books, Leipzig, 2014