Library of Inclusions and Omissions

2016 –

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English Letter

I’d like to ask you to lend a book, text, or any other form of publication, for a temporary reading room that I am setting up during the exhibition Meaning Making Meaning at A-venue in Göteborg.

With this reading room, which is publicly accessible and has a store-front window facing Avenyn, I want to create a social space for communication and information, housing an unconventional body of knowledge and experience that is curated by the very community that is using it.

I am particularly interested in women writers, forgotten histories, intersectionalist practices — in material that is still missing in our established libraries and databases, does not conform with the canon of Western, white, patriarchal academia, mainstream publishing, or is marginalised for other reasons.

What would you like to add to such a collection? Which books, novels, poems, comics, scholarly essays or self-published texts are relevant to you, changed the way you think about yourself and the world, or opened up a new horizon?

The Other Reading Room was part of the exhibition Meaning Making Meaning at A-Venue, Gothenburg (2016), curated by Gabo Camnitzer, at Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?, Valand Academy Göteborg (2016), and formed part of the exhibition Utopia of Access at the Pavilion for Artistic Research at the Venice Biennale 2017.

Please download the posters and spread the word.
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