Borrowing, Poaching, Plagiarising, Pirating, Stealing, Gleaning, Referencing, Leaking, Copying, Imitating, Adapting, Faking, Paraphrasing, Quoting, Reproducing, Using, Counterfeiting, Repeating, Translating, Cloning (AND Publishing, London)

Hooray! After launch at the New York Art Book Fair the book is now in the shop. The reader with commissioned essays explores the vocabulary that’s become relevant while working on the Piracy Project in the last years. It contains essays and contributions by Dave Hickey, Eva Hemmungs-Wirten, Joanne McNeil, Karen Di Franco, Lionel Bently, Prodromos Tsiavos, Sergio Munoz Sarmiento as well as prospective essays by James Bridle, Stephen Wright and 16 others. Courtroom drawings are by¬† Stephanie Thandiwe Johnstone. Many thanks to all supporters and patrons of a chapter. It’s going here to find out more.

Book, digital print, black & white, 139 pp, 25 x 21 cm
edited Andrea Francke, Eva Weinmayr
designed, produced and published by AND, 2014