Archive Books@Berlin: Publishing Practices #1 study days: Dismantling the Disciplined Catalog, Derouting Distribution, Cripping the Canon

26 – 27 February 2022

Dismantling the Disciplined Catalogue

Through the simple gestures of putting books on shelves,
tagging keywords in social media posts and putting information
into a chronology inside a text, orders and hierarchies are created.
The histories of coloniality, ableist dominance and patriarchal
universalism are inherited and prevail in catalogs of libraries,
while new technologies and categorizing algorithms disguise
capitalist interests. When establishing infrastructures for
assembled knowledges, how can we unfix categorization,
undiscipline our shelves and yet allow access to the un-categorizable?


Knowledge has long been and still is confined by spatial politics and the way our bodies are distributed along and across geographical borders. The Funambulist magazine is literally a rope dancer of a magazine, connecting threads from political struggles and researches from locals of different places in the world. Shivangi Mariam Raj will invite listeners to her journey to the magazine and the magazine’s journey to create an archive of its own.


Study days #1 form part of Publishing Practices, a yearly program committed to an expanded idea of publishing, which intends to open a collective publishing space for action, reflection, study, intervention and multisensorial encounter. Publishing Practices #1 – This Bridge Can Get Us There (2021-2022) is curated by Chiara Figone, Paz Guevara and Beya Othmani.