Index: Noun to Verb: micro-politics of publishing

Keywords in library catalogues are never neutral; they designate, classify, and index. An act of interpretation is thus always connected with them. They frame and determine how books and materials are found—and, to a certain extent, also how they are read or interpreted. What socially produced and embedded structures are found in the descriptive metadata of the Art Library? How can traces of the work on descriptors be made visible? How might it be possible to introduce keywords that focus less on demarcating a topic than on how it is possible to work with it, that do not describe what books are, but rather what they do, how we use them, and what they do to us?

Introduction and moderation Lucie Kolb, in cooperation with Philipp Messner, Axelle Stiefel, Eva Weinmayr, Jasna Zwimpfer. []

Collective Research, Noun to Verb: micro-politics of publishing, Presenting