Selected projects

Paper Struggles, Raven Row London, curated by Marcell Mars and Tomislav Medak.

Open Scores – How to program the Commons, Panke Gallery Berlin, curated by Cornelia Sollfrank, Shusha Niederberger, Felix Stalder in the context of “Creating Commons” a research project at ZHdK Zürich.


Boxing and Unboxing, Marabouparken Konsthall, Stockholm.


Utopia of Access, Pavilion of Artistic Research, Venice Biennale 10 May – 2 July.


Library of Inclusions and Omissions, A-Venue Gothenburg.

Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?, with Rose Borthwick, Andreas Engman, Kanchan Buratoki, Gabo Camnitzer, MC Coble, Valand Academy Gothenburg.


Downing Street, A sketch of a performance with 7 actors and the audience — The Showroom, London.


The Piracy Reading Room, Kunstverein Munich.

Making social realities with books, rum 46, Aarhus.

The Piracy Reading Room, with Andrea Francke, curated by Heike Ander, Glasmoog, Academy of Media Art Cologne.

Nein, curated by Anna McCarthy, Platform1 Munich.

The Piracy Reading Room, with Andrea Francke, curated by Cheryl Jones, Grand Union, Birmingham.

Use2busb, curated by Rebecca Stephanie, RongWrong, Amsterdam.


The Piracy Reading Room, with Andrea Francke, The Showroom, London.


Books from the Ships, OSLO10, Basel, solo exhibition
Institutions by Artists, Fillip, conference, performance, Vancouver, Canada
The Grand Domestic Revolution Goes On, with Andrea Francke, The Showroom, London.

Help/Less, with Andrea Francke, curated by Chris Habib, Printed Matter, New York.

Truth Is Concrete, with Andrea Francke, curated by Florian Malzacher, Steirischer Herbst, Graz.

The PrintRoom, artists talk and workshop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Blank Book Makers in memoriam Michael Gibbs, Geneva, Switzerland.

The Piracy Project at “One day everything will be free”, curated by Joseph Redwood Martinez, SALT Research, Istanbul, Turkey.


The Piracy Reading Room, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

The Piracy Reading Room, New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1.

Again, A Time Machine, Spike Island, Bristol, England.

Government Art Collection: Selected by Cornelia Parker, Whitechapel Gallery.

The Institute of Mental Health is Burning, curated by Neil McNally, Newport Museum and Art Gallery.


I Wonder What The Silence Was About, solo exhibition, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.

Unter dem Motto, Motto Chert Gallery, Berlin.

Miss Read, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

Gossip Scandal and Good Manners, Ulises Carrion, The Showroom London.

Interim, Spike Island, curated by Katie Daley-Yates and Philip Owen.

Misty Boundaries Fades and Dissolves, FormContent, London curated by D. Saul with George Barber, Stewart Home, Linder, Clunie Reid, James Richards.


Bidoun Library, curated by Banu Cennetoglu, Abu Dhabi Art.

Publish and Be Damned, Oxford House, London.

A Work A Day, MOT International, London.

I Like The Truth I Never Liked Fiction (and vice versa), Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul with Banu Cenetoglu, Documentation Celine Duval, Michalis Pichler, Helke Sander, John Stezaker, Walid Raad / The Atlas Group.


The Front Room, curated by Anthony Huberman, Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, USA.

One Night Stand, 5th Berlin Biennale, curated by Bent/BAS, Istanbul.

Salon Light, Centre National de l’Estampe et de l’Art Imprimé, Paris.

The Whole World, curated by Ian White, CASZUIDAS, Amsterdam, Tank TV.


First Moment Of Truth, MOT International, London.

Frozen Waves Yama Istanbul (with Babak Ghazi, Mustafa Hulusi, Paul Snowden, M. Titchner), curated by Michelle Cotton and Sylvia Kouvali.


Essays and Interviews

More Verb, Less Noun – Publishing as Collective Practice, in conversation with Jinglun Zhu, in “The Netletter”, Centre for Curatorial Studies CCS Bard, Annandale on Hudson.

Confronting Authorship, Constructing Practices – How copyright destroys collective practice, in “Whose Book is it Anyway? A View from Elsewhere on Publishing, Copyright and Creativity”, edited by Janis Jefferies and Sarah Kember, Cambridge: Open Book Publishers.


UND statt ODER – die Anatomie von UND (with Rosalie Schweiker) in “Publish! Publizieren als künstlerische Praxis”, Kunstforum International, issue 256, September 2018


We don’t want this to become an exhibit, in Archives of the Commons II – the Anomic Archive, edited by Red Conceptualismos del Sur, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia Madrid.


Library Underground – a reading list for a coming community, in: “Publishing as Artistic Practice”, ed. Annette Gilbert, Sternberg Berlin/New York.


P.R.I.N.T, in “Der Fahrende Raum”, ed. Maxi Baumgartner, Miriam Reuter, München, Florida.


Let’s rename Control Magazine, in: “Control Magazine 19”, edited by Stephen Willats.

One publishes to find Comrades, in: “The Visual Event, An Education in Turns”, edited by Oliver Klimpel, Spector Books Leipzig.

We Are the Ship in Ownership and Authorship, in: “Manual, Directory”, Central Saint Martins


The Impermanent Book, co-authored with Andrea Francke in: “”


The Piracy Project, in: “An Incomplete Reader for the Ongoing Project, “One day, everything will be free…”” v 0.1.7  edited by Joseph Redwood-Martinez, SALT, Istanbul, AND Public.


Conferences, artist talks, workshops, performances, radio broadcasts

Radical Publishing Practices demand Radical Librarianship, at “Wir Publizieren”, convened by Lucie Kolb, Kunsthalle Bern (conference).


Moments of Autonomy. Feminist educational practices for the digital commons (think-in) at “Open Scores – How to program the Commons”, convened by “Creating Commons”, Cornelia Sollfrank, Shusha Niederberger, Felix Stalder, Panke Gallery, Berlin, 12 October 2019.

Situated Collective Authorship, at Authors of The Future: Re-imagining Copyleft study day, Constant, Brussels, 27 September 2019.

Library Talks, Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, 24 September 2019.

Interfacing the Law (workshop) Constant Brussels & XPUB, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, Infrastructural Manœuvres, Rietveld Library (Amsterdam) 9-10 May 2019.

Experimental Publishing #1, Critique, Intervention, Speculation (symposium)
Centre for Postdigital Cultures, Postoffice, Coventry University, 11 April 2019.


Writer X with Eleanor Vonne Brown (workshop) at “X Publishing School”, Whitechapel Art Gallery London, 8 Sept 2018.


Publishing Art Communism, MayDay Rooms London. (symposium)

Library Interventions — Reading Gendered Words with Rosalie Schweiker (workshop), Leeds College of Art.

Feminist Arts Education,with Rose Borthwick (talk and workshop), at Institute for Art and Art Theory, Intermedia / Artistic Media Practice and Theory, Cologne University.


Library Underground—Welcome to my tent, at Photography in Print and Circulation, Symposium, Valand Academy Gothenburg (performance lecture)

Library Underground at “Miss Read”, Akademie der Künste Berlin (performative reading).

Why I work with people, with Kerstin Hamilton, Research Show, A-Venue Gothenburg (artist talk)

In conversation with Rose Borthwick, at “Enact”, Konsthall Göteborg (artist talk).


Copyright Flattens Stuff at “Friction and Fiction: IP, Copyright and Digital Futures”, 26 September 2015, conference at Victoria & Albert Museum, London (paper).

Sustainable Publishing, Raven Row London (panel discussion).

Poaching eggs – women as poachers, Sideroom Amsterdam (co-talk)
“X Operative”, Wysing Art Centre, Cambridge (panel discussion).

Publishing as Artistic Practice, Lettretage, Freie Universität Berlin (artist talk).

Publishing as Intervention, University of the Arts Bremen, (artist talk).

We (not I), Raven Row, London, convened by Melissa Gordon and Marina Vishmidt.


Why Write–Feminism, publishing and the politics of communication with Andrea Francke, Goldsmiths College London, convened by Sara Ahmed and Sarah Kember (presentation).

The Lottery Ticket, a dinner conversation with Maria Guggenbichler and Marina Vishmidt at 1646, The Hague.

Politics of Narrative with Sylke Rene Meyer and Andrea Francke, Academy of Media Art Cologne (round-table).

The Classroom, with Sergio Munoz Sarmiento, Lauren Haaften-Schick, Andrea Francke, MoMA PS1 New York (panel discussion).

Downing Street – Help! David Cameron likes my Art, Edinburgh Fringe Festival staged by Forest Fringe (performance),


Our Lines are now open, 98 weeks Beirut, Radio Suden Ibraaz (radio broadcast).

The Piracy Project, at FAD Open Design Conference, Barcelona (conference paper).

The Piracy Project, with Andrea Francke, at “Making Social Realities with Books”, convened by Brett Bloom, rum46, Aarhus (artist talk).

Piracy and Jurisdiction, Southampton University convened by Oren Ben-Dor (conference paper).

The Piracy Project, with Andrea Francke, at Itinerant Copenhagen (artist talk).


As a Means of Encounter, Saloon du Livre, Geneva, Switzerland (artist talk).

Open Media, Coventry University convened by Janneke Adema (artist talk).

(pause) – 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins, Art Metropole, Toronto (performance lecture).

Artists’ Publishing, Vancouver Art Book Fair (panel discussion).

(pause) 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins, Institutions by Artists, PAARC, Fillip Magazine, Vancouver, (performance lecture).

Various Fires in Publishing, with Lynn Harris and Renee Turner, convened by Printroom Rotterdam, Witte de With, Rotterdam, (artist talk).

Variable Format, Whitechapel Gallery London, (book launch).

Futures and Options with C Waldorf, M Pasquinelli, L Ptak, convened by Joseph Redwood Martinez, SALT Istanbul (artist talk).

Transmission, hosted by Nick Thurston, Sheffield Hallam University (lecture).


Cultural Piracy, with Andrea Francke, Whitechapel Art Gallery, (artist talk and panel discussion Nick Thurston and Kenneth Goldsmith).

Amass: Towards an Economy of the Commons, Chisenhale Gallery convened by Doxa Collective (conference).


(pause) 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins, at “The Classroom”, convened by David Senior, MoMA PS1, N. Y. Queens (artist talk).

21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins, at “Miss Read”, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (artist talk).

(pause), Motto Berlin, convened by Alexis Zavialoff and Sarah de Bondt (performance).

Publication as Practice #7, convened by Eleannor Vonne Brown, X Marks the Bokship London (artist talk).


A Forum about the legacy of Cornelius Cardew, The Drawing Room, London (presentation).


Cross Current 2.02, convened by “Double Agents”, Central Saint Martins London (artist talk).

Stunned Crushed Cats Beheaded, Radio Panic, Brussels (radio broadcast).

Destruction In Art – Tribute To Gustav Metzger, curated by Justin Hoffman, Bayerischer Rundfunk Munich (radio broadcast, CD).


Frozen Waves, curated by Michelle Cotton and Sylvia Kouvalis, Urban Screens/BBC Manchester/Liverpool/Leeds (screening).

Contemporary Art Practice, Music and Sound, Resonance FM, curated by Cecilia Wee (radio broadcast).


2006, with Gustav Metzger, Kunstraum Munich (artist talk).

Water Found On Mars, with Gustav Metzger, Whitechapel Art Gallery (book launch).


Awards and fellowships

Elephant Trust, London
Akademieverein Munich
Why Publish, SEE Fund, University of the Arts London


Grant for the Arts, Arts Council England (The Piracy Project at the Showroom, London)


Research Funding Central Saint Martins, London


Research Funding Central Saint Martins, London (AND: Microbudget publishing)


Grant for the Arts, Arts Council, England (Art in Ruins: I wonder what the silence was about)


Grant for the Arts, Arts Council, England
Cocheme Fellowship, Byam Shaw School of Art, London


US travel bursary, Arts Council Germany
Munich Art Award, Munich Arts Board


Residency, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Award for Young Artists, Arts Council of Bavaria


DAAD Postgraduate Fellowship, Vienna, Austria


Works in public collections

Government Art Collection, England


New York Public Library, NYC;
Museum of Modern Art, New York, artist book collection;
Joan Flasch Collection, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Centre National de l’Estampe et de l’Art Imprimé, Paris


Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Berlin, Kunstbibliothek, Stadtmuseum München


Publications by Eva Weinmayr

Borrowing, Poaching, Plagiarising, (ed by EW & Andrea Francke) AND Publishing, London
Downing Street, New Documents, Los Angeles


The Piracy catalogue as of 25 Nov 2012, AND Publishing


(pause) 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins, Occasional Papers
Art in Ruins and Unknown Stranger, unpublished project for Frieze, London 1994, Occasional Papers and FomContent


Havva Bagci, Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul


“Eva Weinmayr”, The Front Room, Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis


Crushed Stunned Cats Beheaded, audio CD and booklet, Matt’s Gallery
Water Found on Mars, with Gustav Metzger, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern
Eva Weinmayr, monograph series, Munich Arts Board


Suitcase Body Is Missing Woman, Book Works, London


It Was Awful, with Wolfgang Ullrich, Revolver Verlag, Frankfurt


Runnnnning Down Fiiive Stooooreys, artists’ book, Prinzen Verlag, München


LERY, artists’ book, Prinzen Verlag/Printed Matter, NYC.
Erwachsene, Komödie, Aktion, Drama, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin


México, with Vera Buechlmann, Joachim Melf, Prinzen Verlag/Printed Matter, NY


7.01, artists’ book with Ian Hamilton Finlay, Wild Hawthorn Press, Little Sparta


Publications with contributions by Eva Weinmayr

“It’s a book”, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig


“Publishing as Artistic Practice”, ed. Annette Gilbert, Sternberg Berlin/New York

“Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?”, Valand Academy Gothenburg SE


“Der Fahrende Raum”, Florida München ed. Maxi Baumgartner & Miriam Reuter


“Control Magazine 19”, edited by Stephen Willats
“The Visual Event — An Education in Turns”, edited by Oliver Klimpel, Spector Books Leipzig
“Manual, Directory”, Central Saint Martins


“Again, A Time Machine, From Distribution to Archive”, Book Works London
“An Incomplete Reader for the Ongoing Project, “One day, everything will be free…”” v 0.1.8, edited by Joseph Redwood-Martinez, SALT Istanbul
“Rhizome”, The Impermanent Book, April


“Survival”, ed Extra Special People/Eastside Projects (Birmingham) g39/WARP (Cardiff), Spike Associates (Bristol) and Aid and Abet (Cambridge)


“Internal Necessity”, Sternberg Press, ed Tirdad Zolghadr


“The Daily Jang, Museum of Non-Participation”, Artangel Interaction, London


“Res Publica”. Symposion, Lunds Konsthall, NR.68. ed V. Agering/P. Kyander


“Slimvolume”, ed Andy Hunt


“Intervention”, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton


Selected reviews

Institutions by Artists, Art In Canada, Oct 2012
Pathologies of Dissent, Sidney Hart and Noah Bremer, art and education, e-flux paper, 2012
New and old futures, an magazine, Oct 2012
Art and Institutions by Artists, Decoy Magazine, Oct 2012
The Piracy Project, Ali Diker in Bloomberg Business News, Turkey, 1 April 2012
The Piracy Project, Orit Gat in Rhizome, New York, 25.10.2011
Beim Britischen Premier hangt deutsche Kunst, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 4.10. 2010
Die Deutsche aus der Downing Street, Serge Debrebant, Frf Rundschau, 29.8. 2010
Der Mann war absolut schockiert, Peter Nonnenmacher, Basler Zeitung, 1. 10. 2010
The Prime Minister has a speeding theme, Andy McSmithThe Independent, 21.7. 2010
I Wonder What the Silence Was About, Malwina Mapinska, Dziennik, Warsaw, July 2010
Misty Boundaries Fades and Dissolves, Andrew Bonacina, Frieze, May 2010
Misty Boundaries Fades and Dissolves, Laura McLean-Ferris, Art Review May 2010
Diplomatic Victory Over France, John Lichfield, The Independent, 17. 10. 2007 Whitechapel Boffins to Study Lapdancers, Andrew Stevens, The Newpaper, 2007
Right On – Write Off, Helen Sumpter, Time Out Magazine No 1872 July 2006
Writing in Strobe, Jonathan Griffin, Frieze No 100, June/July/August 2006
Writing In Strobe, JJ. Charlesworth, Art Monthly No 296, May 2006
Everything Must Go, David Barrett, Art Monthly No 296, May 2006
Suitcase Body Is Missing Woman, Judith A. Hoffberg, Umbrella, December 2005
Suitcase Body Is Missing Woman, Orla Gormley, Contemporary, London, October/2005
Yes – no – perhaps – may be, Lisa LeFeuvre, Vane Contemporary Art, Newcastle
Works that are making headlines, Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times, 8.9.2005
24 Hours Drinking?, News, AN Magazine, August 2005
Art News-Contemporary Artists Working with Newspaper, M. Gronlund, Contemporary, London 02/2005
Eva Weinmayr, Peter Suchin, Frieze, No 84, June/July/August, London 2004
Alchemic Dross, Martin Herbert, Time Out Magazine No.1729, London, 2003
Vertical take off, Chris Hammond, AN Magazine, London, Nov 2003
Russian, Comrade, Calling, Florian Matzner, in: No BOA, Prinzen Verlag Munich, 2001
Heard beneath the trees, Bernhart Schwenk, Munich 2000
Fälscherwerkstatt – ein Trio kopiert die Realität der Bilder, Ticket 52 Tagesspiegel, 1999
Lery, Judith F. Hoffberg, Umbrella, April 1999 Los Angeles
Von Fakten und Faxen, Christine Hamel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich 30.1. 1999

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